Month: March 2017

Galloway Glens Projects taking shape

The Galloway Glens Landscape Partnership Scheme is a Heritage Lottery Funded scheme taking place up and down the Ken and Dee river catchment, from Carsphairn in the North to Kirkcudbright in the South. £2.7million has been provisionally secured from HLF to be spent on projects across the area that ‘connect people to their cultural, built… Read more »

Story of the Galloway Glens – in 1200 words!

Many thanks to Alistair Livingston, Local Historian,  for the following, giving us a background to the formation of the Ken/Dee Valley…. The first pages of this story are written in the rocks of the Southern Uplands. In places across the parishes of Kells, Carsphairn and Dalry the rocks rise up over 2000 feet high. It is… Read more »