Bluebell Poetry Walk

The bluebells and beech trees of Barhill Wood were at their Spring best for the 13 local people who went out ‘poetry-walking’ on Sunday 28th April. Along with the creative input from poet Alan McClure, they inspired a remarkable variety of poetic responses.
Here’s Alan’s wee cinquain from the afternoon that he shared with the group.The form is 2–4–6–8–2 syllables if you want to have a go…

In the deep green
chiff-chaff chimes, insistent
in its urgent, fleeting season –
‘Hear me!’

The next Ken Words Poetry Walk is on Fri 28 June (7.30-10.30pm) at the Threave Nature Reserve with writer and poet Mary Smith and wildlife expert and photographer Keith Kirk and, hopefully, with inspiration from the midsummer sun setting behind Threave Castle…