Electric Car Ambassadors

The Galloway Glens Scheme is a Heritage Lottery Fund supported initiative taking place over the next five years, supporting a range of 35 projects up and down the Ken/Dee valley. These projects vary from path improvements to canoe trails, from building refurbishments to marketing campaigns, and from training schemes to visitor attractions.

A key focus of the scheme will be to encourage sustainable communities locally and to leave a long-term positive legacy for the area. The five-year delivery phase of the Scheme is now underway, with staff based in the Castle Douglas Common Good Fund owned building at 5, St Andrew Street.

Keen to adopt new technology wherever possible and mindful of the long-term benefits involved, the Scheme has been able to work with Dumfries & Galloway Council’s Fleet services department to obtain a grant to allow the lease of a brand-new electric vehicle. Thanks to a grant received from the Scottish Government, this is internally cheaper than a lease on an equivalent diesel vehicle. This supports the scheme in two ways, firstly freeing up funding to support the individual projects but also using the visibility of the Scheme to act in an ‘electric vehicle ambassador’ role.

Galloway Glens Team leader, McNabb Laurie, said:

The grant support from the Scottish Government, facilitated through the Council’s fleet department, is much appreciated as it has allowed us to introduce this cutting-edge technology to the area. We will be demonstrating that the latest generation of electric vehicles can work in more rural areas, as well as reducing the carbon footprint of the Galloway Glens Scheme. We were able to secure this grant due to the visibility of the Scheme and are delighted to act as ambassadors for this technology. This is part of our sustainable legacy and if you see staff out and about in the vehicle please do say if you would like to learn any more about the technology and how it performs.

Gordon Bryce, Transport & Operations Manager at Dumfries and Galloway Council, said:

It’s always a pleasure being able to support a Project or Department deliver its targets whilst saving money at the same time. We are entering an exciting phase within Fleet Management, with the implementation of Low Emission Vehicles and providing a sustainable infrastructure to support what will be a major way of travel in the very near future for both businesses and the public.

Photo: The Car outside Tongland Power Station, Photo Credit: Galloway Glens Scheme