What is the ‘Galloway Glens Scheme’?

The Galloway Glens Landscape Partnership Scheme is a Heritage Lottery funded initiative that is aiming to undertake a series of projects across the area to ‘connect people, communities and their heritage’. This is a very broad heading and work will focus on the natural landscape, the cultural heritage and the built environment.£2.7 million was provisionally secured from The Heritage Lottery Fund in 2015 and work is now underway, with an additional portion of development funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund, to identify the projects that will be supported and the match funding required to release these funds.

In 2017, the detailed Stage 2 bid will be submitted to Heritage Lottery Fund and this will outline the overall scheme in more detail and, significantly, include the list of projects that will form part of the scheme.

What projects will be supported?

This is currently being considered, with project ideas originating from two places:1) Project ideas received previously or through this development stage. These are submitted formally through the Expression of Interest Form, available on this website, or simply by contacting McNabb Laurie, the development officer.

2) As a result of the studies currently being commissioned

What area is covered?

The Galloway Glens project area is based on the Ken/Dee catchments and includes Kirkcudbright, Castle Douglas, Loch Ken, portions of the Galloway Forest Park and up to Carsphairn. The area covered has had to be restricted slightly to comply with Heritage Lottery Fund requirements. The river system is a uniting factor, running ‘from source to sea’.It is important to note that the project area remains under review and will only be finalised with the submission of the Stage 2 bid in 2017.

[/accordion-item][accordion-item title=”Who is in charge of the Galloway Glens Scheme?”]

The Galloway Glens Landscape Partnership Scheme is overseen by the Partnership Board. This is made up of Statutory and community organisations, including Dumfries & Galloway Council. Full details are available on the ‘about’ page.

The Partnership Board is supported by three working groups of volunteers from the area. These working groups have helped to define the studies currently underway and will support the board in deciding the projects that will be supported by the Scheme.

How much match funding is required?

The £2.7million provisionally awarded from the Heritage Lottery Fund specifies an ‘intervention rate’, meaning it can only form a proportion of the Galloway Glens Scheme funding as a whole. Overall it is necessary to identify approximately £2.4million of match funding for the delivery phase.Work is underway on this target and although it is not an insignificant challenge, it should not prevent project ideas coming forward at this early stage, even if at present they have no match funding identified. Funding opportunities are being assessed at present and Galloway Glens staff will look to support chosen projects in their search for funding.

Why is this happening?
The Initial Application was submitted to the Heritage Lottery Fund acknowledging the unique characteristics of the area, and the unique challenges. This funding opportunity will aim to tackle some of the more complex topics, such as skills and providing employment, acknowledging the ageing demographic of communities in the area and supporting the sustainability of the communities going forward.
Who is funding the Galloway Glens Scheme?
The Scheme is in two phases:
Development Stage: Approx £230,000 in total – for an element of staffing and to undertake the studies. £180,000 is from HLF, £50,000 from Dumfries & Galloway Council, with remaining amounts from project partners. Culminates with the submission of the detailed Stage 2 bid in Summer 2017.Delivery Stage: Approximately £5.1million in total – for project expenditure and staffing to administer the scheme. £2.7m from Heritage Lottery Fund, Approx £2.4 million to be sourced form alternative funders. Starts in early 2018.
When do things start?

The Development stage culminates in the submission of the detailed Stage 2 bid in summer 2017.
It is estimated that the Delivery phase (including the funding of projects) will get underway in early 2018.

How long will it last

The Delivery stage (estimated to start in 2018) will last for 5 years.

What Studies are being commissioned?
These are listed here
Can I see the outcome of the studies?

Yes, they will be published on the website.
We are confident that they will stand up as useful documents in their own right.

What is a Galloway Glens project?
A Galloway Glens Project will vary, from an already established project, run by an existing organisation, that simply receives a portion of match funding through the Galloway Glens Scheme, to a project idea that arises from the studies being commissioned or from an expression of interest, and is developed through the Galloway Glens Scheme.
Does my project have to have match funding secured?

No, not at this stage. We are keen to consider all project ideas. As the stage 2 bid is refined next year, it should be necessary to consider match funding opportunities. The Partnership Board want to use the Scheme to support the ‘best’ projects and, while not dismissing the match funding requirement, welcome as many project ideas as possible at this stage.

How can I take part?

At this stage, we are keen for any project suggestions that could form part of the Galloway Glens Scheme. Once we are in the delivery phase, each project will be seeking an element of volunteer involvement and so we would welcome any support you are able to provide. Please sign up for our newsletter or call McNabb Laurie, development officer, to discuss. There may also be opportunities to help with project development. Please do get in touch.

When do I have to submit my project idea?

The timescales are detailed here

Will I miss my chance to submit my project idea?
No. It has been suggested that a project that will form part of the delivery stage will be a ‘community grant fund’ allowing smaller projects to be considered and supported from 2018 onwards.
How can I keep in touch?

Please sign up for the Galloway Glens newsletter and follow us on facebook or twitter.