Half Way through the Development Phase

The Galloway Glens Scheme is now half way through the development phase and we are continuing to work to get a really good understanding of the local landscape and define the projects that we will be looking to undertake during the later delivery phase.

Our development grant from HLF of £185,000 has allowed us, amongst other things, to hire the Galloway Glens Development Officer, McNabb Laurie. McNabb’s primary role is to compile the results of this year of development and to submit a successful stage 2 application to HLF, releasing the £2.7million which has been provisionally awarded to the Scheme. We are scheduled to submit this to the HLF in the summer, with the actual delivery stage due to run from 2018-2023.

Two main activities have been underway this year:

  • Commissioning a series of studies to identify and define potential projects, detailed HERE
  • Identifying and reviewing project proposals received from people and communities across the area.

In January 2017, the Partnership board met and were able to draw these two points together and start planning a budget for the 5 years of delivery.

Projects under development vary from community woodlands and visitor facilities to habitat protection and volunteer archaeology schemes. Once this has been agreed with all potential project partners the project list will be published, with the results of the studies underway.

To celebrate reaching the half way point, McNabb visited the Glenkens Children’s Club to meet the kids. The Galloway Glens Scheme had provided a contribution towards the new activity board for the kids to learn about the different switches and controls that are in use in modern life and the children couldn’t wait to start playing with it.

McNabb said “Aside from the relative complexity of studies, criteria and funding applications, the Partnership Board members are clear that the outcome of all the work we do must support sustainable and vibrant communities up and down the valley. The Galloway Glens Scheme scheme is aiming to benefit everyone, of all ages”

The Partnership Board is working toward submission of the Stage 2 application this summer.

McNabb added “Many thanks to everyone who has been involved in the scheme so far – please keep an eye on our website or on social media for more information.”


Photo: Glenkens Children’s Club, February 2017. (Photo Courtesy: S.Ade)