‘Harnessing the remarkable natural and cultural heritage of the Ken/Dee valley to boost economic activity and support sustainable local communities’

The list of projects to be supported through the Scheme is covered in detail in the detailed submission documents to HLF, known as the Landscape Conservation Action plan (LCAP), available on the ‘Resources’ page.

Projects supported by the Scheme either derive from the studies undertaken or project ideas received through the Development phase. The full project list is gven below, but we hope to be able to react to emerging opportunities that may present themselves through the Delivery phase.

In support of this, therefore, we will be welcoming funding applications to ‘Our Heritage’ Small Grants Scheme aiming to support projects that contribute towards our aims. The Partnership Board has earmarked £100,000 towards this over the five years, for more details and how to apply please click on the link below.

If you have a Small Grants project idea or want to discuss anything that the Galloway Glens Scheme might do, please get in touch.

The Programmes of the Galloway Glens Scheme: (Click on the link)

1. Understanding the Galloway Glens

2. Education in the Galloway Glens

3. Visiting the Galloway Glens

4. Accessing the Galloway Glens

5. Heritage Hubs of the Galloway Glens

6. Natural Landscape of the Galloway Glens

7. ‘Our Heritage’ Small Grants Scheme