Threave Nature Reserve

Lead Partner:
National Trust for Scotland

To develop the Threave nature reserve to create a wetlands habitat of national significance. NTS has had longstanding ambitions to develop a nature reserve and wider wetlands at Threave, hitherto delayed by lack of necessary resources. The Galloway Glens Development phase has allowed the production of a management plan which has collated and analysed existing survey data and identified clear aims and objectives. This has produced an integrated programme of proposals to both bring existing habitat into sympathetic management and to develop new habitat and features.

A series of pipe dams and flap valves will help control water levels to allow reintroduction of the grazing and mowing essential to restoring Threave’s highly prized fen meadows to their former glory. Installation of a cattle bridge and gates to provide an escape route when the River Dee floods is also essential to allow reintroduction of grazing. In a large field on the nature reserve, scrapes will be excavated to attract and support more wildlife, readily visible from existing hides. Pond creation and ditch re-profiling and realignment will also support more geese and wetlands birds on the nature reserve, while diversification of the cropping regime has been designed to provide complementary habitat for other birds and wildlife.

Status: Match funding being sought

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