To inform the list of projects undertaken, a series of studies are underway in this development phase:

Access Audit

A review of the access opportunities in the area, highlighting opportunities for development

Arctic Char reintroduction & Migratory fish feasibility study

An assessment of the feasibility of reintroduction of Arctic Char and potential for assisting the migration of fish species up the river valley

Interpretation study

Reviewing the signage and interpretation in place in the region, exploring opportunities for consolidation or improvement and noting national trends and developments in the interpretation and signage field.

Landscape Character Review & Heritage Audit

A key document for the Stage 2 bid to Heritage Lottery Fund. This will assess the current landscape character in the project area and the influence of humans over the years. Seeking to assess what makes the landscape in this area unique, what is the local vernacular. This will also assess heritage ‘assets; in the area and explore any opportunities for the Galloway Glens scheme to increase access and understanding of these assets.

Loch Ken Fishery Study

Assessing Loch Ken as a fishery, reviewing the different species in residence and opportunities for the Galloway Glens Scheme to support fish populations in the area.

Natural Flood Management feasibility

Aside from engineering solutions, the feasibility of undertaking natural flood management actions in the area to reduce the impact of flooding, reconnecting the river with the floodplain.

Heritage Skills, Training & Economic Opportunities Audit

Reviewing what Heritage Skills are present in the area, what skills are lacking and facing a shortfall, either nationally or on a local basis and the opportunity for the Galloway Glens Scheme to undertake projects to address any shortfalls

Once the studies are complete, they will be freely available here. It is important to note that these studies do not define the full range of work that will be undertaken by the Galloway Glens scheme and have been commissioned to undertake initial work that might inform projects supported by the scheme.