Shaping the Galloway Glens

The GG Partnership Board at their October 2016 meeting (names below)

The Galloway Glens Scheme reached a major milestone last week with the Partnership Board assessing over 80 project ideas submitted by local communities and organisations from across the area.

The Galloway Glens Partnership Board welcomed the arrival of two new members to help drive the Scheme forward, including former MSP Sir Alex Fergusson who was formally appointed as the chairman of the Partnership Board.

Sir Alex remarked: “The Galloway Glens Scheme has interested me since I first heard about it earlier in the year, and I am delighted to have been asked to assume the position of Chairman. This is a scheme that I am confident can demonstrate real and lasting change”.

Sir Alex was also joined on the board by Councillor Patsy Gilroy, who was nominated by Dumfries and Galloway Council’s Economy, Environment and Infrastructure committee in September. Councillor Gilroy stated “The Galloway Glens Scheme demonstrates an effective approach to supporting communities and the Council is fully committed to the project. I look forward to working with the board as the projects are developed”.

The Board assessed every single idea received and Sir Alex was delighted with the engagement to date “The Galloway Glens provides an opportunity to deliver projects that make a significant difference throughout the area. Enhancing our local cultural and social heritage, whilst protecting and promoting the fantastic natural landscape in which we live”.

Sir Alex added “The Galloway Glens Scheme is certainly not just for the larger organisations, and the range and diversity of projects that have come forward through the initial application stage is extremely refreshing. They have shown beyond doubt the effectiveness of the grassroots engagement that has taken place to date.”

Councillor Craig Peacock, Vice Chair of Dumfries and Galloway Council’s Economy, Environment and Infrastructure Committee went on to say: “I am delighted to hear how well the Galloway Glens Scheme is progressing. This very worthwhile project is going from strength to strength and will prove invaluable to the local community, and I wish them much success in the future.”

Galloway Glens Development Officer, McNabb Laurie outlined, “the initial application stage has provided a huge breadth of project ideas. We will now be going back to project applicants and over the next couple of months we will be working to develop ideas into detailed projects that both stand on their own merits but also contribute to the landscape scale improvements across the area.”

McNabb added, “Many thanks to everyone who has got involved so far. Please follow us on facebook or twitter for updates as the project list starts to be pulled together and published.”

(Photo: Credit: Karen Morley. l-r, back row: Patsy Gilroy (DGC), John Raven (HES), John Dougan, obscured (FCS), Helen Keron (GCAT), Sir Alex Fergusson (Chair), Iain Howie (Chair of a Working group), Ed Forrest (GSA Biosphere), Dave McNay (SEPA). l-r, front row: Mary-Ann Smyth (Crichton Carbon Centre), Dr Emily Taylor (Chair of a Working Group), Christine Clarke (Third Sector, D&G) & Chris Miles (SNH).