Our Aims

The scheme will be supporting a range of projects from 2018-2023, focussing on six main aims:-

1. Understanding the Galloway Glens

The Galloway Glens area has witnessed many arrivals and departures over the years, playing host to different peoples, languages and changing land use. This programme of work will look to celebrate this, and includes community archaeology projects, a study of place names and changing dialects in the area and compilation and analysis of early local mapping techniques.

Our ‘cultural heritage’ includes everything from what is under our feet to the songs that we sing…

2. Education & Skills in the Galloway Glens

Managing, interpreting and promoting our unique natural and cultural heritage is not an easy task, requiring a range of skills and trades. We will be undertaking an ambitious training programme to allow young people to get a taste for what work in the sector could involve and to raise the profile of heritage skills in the area, also making use of the area’s. This will include work placements, education activities, wild camping expeditions and a range of community focussed education and training opportunities.

3. Visiting the Galloway Glens

Tourism is a vital local industry, and a significant local employer. This programme of work will seek to work with the existing visitor economy to increase the profile of the area. Projects include the Dark Skies visitor centre in Kirkcudbright, visitor experiences to witness Galloway craft and artisan producers and the branding and marketing of Loch Ken as a visitor destination.

4. Accessing the Galloway Glens

The amazing landscape of the valley is more than a backdrop to people’s lives, we want to support people getting out and experiencing it. The area benefits from a number of varied and exciting routes and we will be working to connect these up, and developing new opportunities. This includes an off road route connecting New Galloway and Carsphairn, improved access to Corserine and Threave and the potential for a long distance canoe trail running down the valley.

5. Heritage Hubs of the Galloway Glens

A range of improvement works to community buildings up and down the valley, adapting them to show off their heritage value and in turn assist with their ongoing sustainability. This include the Kirkcudbright Tolbooth, and Balmaclellan Smiddy.

6. Natural Landscape of the Galloway Glens

The Galloway Glens area runs from mountaintop to coastal estuary, with everything in between. A fascinating mosaic of habitats and species, all existing alongside human influence and management techniques. This programme of activity will look at protecting special species and habitats under threat, highlighting the international importance of habitats such as the Galloway Peatlands, and making sure the natural assets are better understood and managed.