Office opening in Castle Douglas

The Scheme is looking to get underway in April 2018 and will be moving into new offices at 5, St. Andrews Street in Castle Douglas, just next to the Town Hall. 6 staff will be working on the project and this office allows them to be based within the project area, accessible to partners and everyone who wants to get involved. The building is owned by the Castle Douglas Common Good Fund, managed through Dumfries & Galloway Council.

Chairman of the Galloway Glens Partnership Board, Sir Alex Fergusson, said

“We have been looking at a number of potential locations and I am glad that we have been able to find offices right in the heart of Castle Douglas. This will help us really embed this project in the area, making it accessible to all. Once the Scheme is underway in April, anyone interested in getting to know more should feel free to contact Scheme staff who will be based here.”

Iain Howie, Chairman of the Castle Douglas Common Good Fund, a D&G Councillor and a member of the Galloway Glens Partnership Board due to his Chairmanship of one of the Scheme’s Working Groups, said

“The headline benefits of a scheme like this taking place will be through the projects supported but there will be a number of spin off advantages – an example of which is this five year lease of the building. The rent we receive will be a vital source of income for the Castle Douglas Common Good Fund.

John Young, D&G Councillor, D&G Council’s formal representative on the Partnership Board and also a member of the Castle Douglas Common Good Fund, said:

“This is an example of how the benefits of this Scheme will work on a number of levels. I am delighted to see the Common Good Fund secure this tenant for a vacant property and I am sure the town as a whole will benefit from hosting these jobs in a number of ways over the next five years.”

The Galloway Glens Scheme is a five year programme of activity taking place from 2018-2023, working to connect people to the area’s unique natural and cultural heritage through a range of projects up and down the Ken/Dee valley. It is supported by a grant of £2.73m from the Heritage Lottery Fund and a range of other partners.

Photo: From left, McNabb Laurie (Galloway Glens Development Officer), Sir Alex Fergusson (Chairman of Galloway Glens Partnership board) and Iain Howie (Chairman of Castle Douglas Common Good Fund) [Photo Credit: Galloway Glens Scheme]